Inglese: frase di logica

Inglese: frase di logica

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Inglese: frase di logica

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Domande test Inglese: frase di logica

1. The chairman of the board has been employed in the finance industry _____1984

2. I don't think I've _____ you before in this pub

3. My father _____ in a bank

4. There _____ a race next week

5. Yesterday _____ was very sunny outside.

6. I find that difficult to believe. Do you trust ________?

7. _____ countries have a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea?

8. In the morning I always get ________ early during the summer

9. Don't worry, there's no need to answer ______.

10. I hurt my leg _____ the third quarter of the basketball match

11. There are millions of ____ people in the Third World Countries

12. My parents ________ when I was very young.

13. I _______ Robert Parr many years ago

14. I am 10 ______

15. I'm sorry but there_______ trains to Oxford on Sunday night

16. I_____ two brothers and one sister

17. The computer is_____ the table

18. I_____ eat pizza on Sundays - It's my favourite food

19. I love her and she loves_____.

20. ________ sugar do you want in your coffee?

21. I'm not a vegetarian, but I _________ eat meat

22. "Pig" means …….

23. I ______ hungry.

24. The truth ______ out there

25. She cooks ______ than her sister does.

26. Bill: “I'll have my driving test tomorrow”. Jane: “_____, Bill”.

27. Can you take a photo for me, please?

28. Do you ________ time to go to the store for me?

29. Our house ____ 3 bedrooms.

30. The pencils and paper ________ on your desk.

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