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1. Choose the best words to complete this sentence: He's very good at his job, but I don't ____ with him at a personal level.

get on
get away
get away
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2. Which of the following is NOT an example of housework?

cutting the grass
ironing the sheets
changing the beds
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3. Choose the best phrase to complete this sentence: For security reasons we will never ____ provide sign-in passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information through email.

ask you that
ask to you
ask you to
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4. Choose the best phrase to complete this passage: The critics were very negative about the new film by Helgar Barn. Although it was expected to become a cult movie, the pace was slow and the subject matter dreary. Altogether it was ____ than had been expected!

much more pleasant
quite as interesting
far less entertaining
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5. What is the best translation of attualmente in this sentence? Attualmente lavora nell’ufficio per lo sviluppo del turismo.

At the present
At the moment
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6. Which expression CANNOT be used to complete this sentence? Benigni's film ____ works by Keaton and Chaplin.

reminds us of
can remember
is reminiscent of
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7. Choose the correct phrase to complete this sentence: English people ____ cooking with butter or margarine, rather than olive oil.

have used to
are used to
used to
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8. Choose the best word or words to complete this sentence: Juana came to this office after she ____ in foreign language education in Cuba.

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9. Choose the best word to complete this sentence: Barbara went to bed early because she ____ really tired.

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10. Choose the best word to complete this question. Is there ____ airport in Cosenza?

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11. You want to smoke after dinner. What do you say to your friends?

Do you mind if I smoke?
Do you wish me to smoke?
I possibly may smoke?
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12. What is the best translation of actually in this sentence? Actually, Paul doesn’t work in Foreign Affairs, he works in Internal Security.

In realtà
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13. Choose the best word or phrase to complete this sentence: This article deals with the ____ of combining network services.

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14. Choose the correct way to begin this sentence: ____ that a lot of people carry something to read with them on the underground (or the Tube) in London.

Is strange
It is strange
Is curious
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15. Which is the correct use of make?

She always makes the housework
She always makes a lot of mistakes
She makes exercises every morning
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