Esame Inglese, Formez - 10 domande

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1. Choose the best word to complete this sentence: The airline ____ he works for is expanding at the moment.

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2. Which of the following CANNOT be used to paraphrase this sentence: Many people are known to have been fired.

Hardly anyone is going to be sacked.
We have heard there are many redundancies.
Reports say that there have been many job losses.
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3. Choose the correct answer for this question: Is the food in this restaurant good?

Yes, it is
Yes, is
Yes, very well
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4. Choose the best word or phrase to complete this sentence: I do ____ work at home.

a lot of
a lot
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5. Choose the best word to complete the following: I don't have my cell phone. Could I use ____ please?

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6. Workers ‘statutory annual leave’ is…

the total number of holidays to which they are legally entitled
the statutory public holidays
the number of extra bank holidays annually
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7. Choose the best word to complete this sentence: Now I’ve heard a lot about your background and experience, which certainly makes you a suitable candidate for this job, but can you tell me a little about any particular ____, like computing or technical drawing, that may be relevant to this post.

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8. Choose the best phrase to complete this sentence: He apologised ____ late at the meeting.

to have arrived
to arrive
for arriving
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9. A sign in the airport says ‘we are reconfiguring this area to make the security service we provide more effective for you’. What exactly is happening?

The area is being demolished
The area is being redesigned
The area is being cleaned
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10. Which verb CANNOT be used to complete this sentence? I’ve ____ an appointment with the skin doctor next week, because I’m really worried about the state of my acne.

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