inglese 8

inglese 8

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inglese 8

Batteria quiz per la prova preselettiva del concorso a Dirigente Scolastico, Miur - Flc Cgil
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1. Jeremy Harmer (username- harmerj), the ELT (English Language Teaching) guru, ____________about 4,000 people on Twitter.

2. Software such as Skype can be used for __________ sessions with colleagues all around the world for free.

3. What is “podcasting”?

4. The open source browsers Firefox and Chrome are becoming more and more popular as people want safer and faster ways to _____ the Internet.

5. The use of employment agencies __________ more and more popular as they allow companies and organizations to hire staff on a short term basis.

6. ____________ is any type of abuse that is based on a person's sex, race, colour, religion, national origin, age, socioeconomic status, physical or other disabilities.

7. What does “notice period” mean?

8. The Human Resources Department is generally responsible for the _______________ of staff and personnel.

9. You _________ be an expert in ICT in order to register with an eTwinning project.

10. When you want to join a new group or organisation, it is often necessary to fill in a/an _________________.

11. Which sentence is correct?

12. What is “a grant”?

13. There are several ways of ________________ with schools in different countries.

14. The general criteria for_________ a European “Label” award are agreed at European level.

15. There are a number of European initiatives that look to motivate the students and the teachers in order to improve their language ______.

16. Which sentence is correct?

17. In the context of education, what does “best practice” mean?

18. A language portfolio can be useful for both ____________ and potential employers.

19. European funds are available for _______ awareness of the importance of linguistic skills and developing language learning and teaching materials.

20. The European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme enables people to take part in stimulating learning________.

21. Which sentence is correct?

22. The Lifelong Learning Programme is best described as a/an _____________ programme for four sub-programmes.

23. Progress towards the Lisbon objectives in education is going through a _________ time

24. Computers and the Internet will become an integral part of our learning process if current trends ________.

25. Whiteboards, projectors and computer screens can all help ________ learners, who usually enjoy reading and prefer to see the words that they are learning.

26. Which sentence is correct?

27. What is an “auditory learner”?

28. There are many ______________ to help learners understand which type of learner they are.

29. Italian Education Minister, Mariastella Gelmini, claims new reforms ________ millions of euros.

30. New University reforms would see a 20% increase in research ________.

31. Which sentence is correct?

32. In the context of education, what is a “ranking system”?

33. As competition in the job market increases, it will become increasingly important for young people to continue their education and ___________.

34. Our personal information _____________ social media companies in order to target us with specific Internet advertising.

35. Hacking and identity _______ are both major problems facing Internet users.

36. Which sentence is correct?

37. In the context of privacy, what is a “leak”?

38. Several multinational companies, such as Sony, have felt the heat from ________ over the last few months.

39. The first trade unions _____ founded around the time of the Industrial Revolution.

40. The main focus of trade unions is to organize, maintain or improve the conditions of the workers’ ____________.