inglese 6

inglese 6

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inglese 6

Batteria quiz per la prova preselettiva del concorso a Dirigente Scolastico, Miur - Flc Cgil
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Domande test inglese 6

1. She was forced to _______ early from teaching because of ill health.

2. In the sentence: "I couldn't agree more. That's a very sensible idea.", "sensible" means _______.

3. A "companion" is

4. The synonym of "eventually" is ____.

5. "To record" means ____________

6. A synonym for "actual" is _______.

7. A library is

8. The students got a bad ____ .

9. Your energy level is at its ______ in the morning.

10. She can't afford an expensive holiday; she is on a ________ budget.

11. "The nearest library is in Oxford Street. Go straight down here. Turn right at the traffic lights then take the second on the left." is

12. “You sound intelligent enough to have headed this whole thing off before it happened and I think you will next time.” It is

13. "Focus on picking one particular aspect of the media to discuss." This sentence is:

14. The keynote speakers will present the cutting-edge research findings on family and community engagement and discuss issues, linking policy to practice. This sentence is an item of:

15. "Have some more tea, please." is

16. "I'm sorry to disturb you but could you please help me with my homework? " is

17. At the book shop the seller says:"This is a very good English-Italian dictionary. I'd say the best one on the market." The sentence is

18. "Any texts from the list of texts prescribed for comparative study, other than the one already chosen for study on its own, may be selected for the comparative study." is

19. When I went to London last year, it was the first time I ___________ anywhere by plane.

20. Education and training have a fundamental role to play in achieving the ‘Europe 2020’ objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth notably by__________ citizens with the skills and competences.

21. Teachers from schools and registered training organisations ________________ in the Board’s consultation on the draft Primary Industries and Financial Services syllabuses during term 2.

22. Keynes warned in the 1930s that ageing societies with high levels of saving, and not _____________ investment opportunities, face a deflationary nightmare.

23. I am afraid I _________________keep the appointment I made for Friday 14th July.

24. Teachers from schools and registered training organisations ________________ in the Board’s consultation on the draft Primary Industries and Financial Services syllabuses during term 2.

25. A recent report concluded that the vocabulary is expanding by 8,500 words________

26. The Council_____________ensure that issues such as policy measures and reforms in the field of education and training are fully addressed.

27. The Introduction of Interactive ________________ (LIM) into Schools in Italy will determine a change in Pedagogic and Technological Management.

28. Please speak a little more __________.

29. He revealed his plan in a low voice so as not to be ________________.

30. The teacher was angry because Tom kept asking lots of stupid ___

31. With reference to your letter of 12th July 2011, I ___________ to inform you that Mr. Ellison, our headmaster, isn’t at work since he is engaged in a Comenius program at the moment.

32. Please speak a little __________.

33. By 2000 more than 50 percent of all households in the United States owned a personal computer, and this ______________increased dramatically over the next few years.

34. Oral language is of particular importance throughout the curriculum, as it is central to the ____________ of the child's general language ability.

35. This book is especially aimed_____teachers who are preparing their students for English examinations.

36. Leibniz was important both as a metaphysician and as a logician and _____________________ his independent invention of the differential and integral calculus.

37. Match the sentence: If she had studied hard, she

38. Compulsory school education in Italy produces poor results in terms of 15 – year old students' performances on Pisa tests, _______________other OECD countries.

39. If you don’t mind, I _________with my supervisor and get back to you by the end of the day

40. Schools should set their pupils on the path to a lifetime of learning, if they ____________ prepare them for the modern world.

41. The headmaster ___________ changes in staffing for the last six months.

42. The approach to reading presented in the English Curriculum _________________.

43. Stop rabbiting on and get on with your homework means:

44. "My colleagues found themselves in a bind when they were asked to illustrate the new project in English. "The sentence means that the colleagues found themselves

45. "I was sacked because I was consistently late arriving at work in the mornings." Sacked means:

46. I can’t make these split-second decisions. State which sentence refers to the expression "split-second".

47. He'd got completely hooked on the new video game. "Hooked" is used to indicate that:

48. Sorry, I cannot disturb the headmaster. "He has other fish to fry."

49. “I’m sure that you have got the wrong end of the stick.” Means that you :

50. That food totally grossed me out.