inglese 5

inglese 5

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inglese 5

Batteria quiz per la prova preselettiva del concorso a Dirigente Scolastico, Miur - Flc Cgil
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Domande test inglese 5

1. A headteacher who is regarded as ‘politically correct’:

2. The mechanism which prevents women from rising to positions of power and responsibility is called the:

3. “Gianni! You’ve been watching TV all day. Go and tidy your room. Don’t be such a ___________ !”

4. Which of these phrases does PC not stand for?

5. To ‘get the sack’ means:

6. If you are a ‘stick in the mud’, you are:

7. 'Junk food' is:

8. If you think 'outside the box', you:

9. Something which is well-designed, easy to use and functional is described as:

10. If I ask you to 'take my word for it', you should:

11. The sign "Feel free to come in" means

12. A man to his wife: "Be careful not to leave your valuables on display". He is _______.

13. A man to his girlfriend: "Why don't we go to the cinema?" The communicative function of the sentence is __________.

14. "I'm so sorry I couldn't come to your party". The communicative function of the sentence is ______ .

15. Decide which category the sign "No cycling on this path" belongs to ___________.

16. "To prevent accidents please keep this door closed". Which kind of sign is it?

17. Choose the right function for the following sentence: "It was really kind of you to invite me to the meeting".

18. "Would you mind giving me that book over there?" This sentence is an example of _______.

19. "It’s a good opportunity, but I’ve decided not to accept your offer". The communicative function of the sentence is ________.

20. "I have been trying to get an appointment for over a week. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult". In this sentence the speaker is _____.

21. Why were you so unfriendly ____ Peter?

22. Nobody believed Tom at first but he _______ to be right.

23. Keep __________ the edge. It could be dangerous.

24. If I were you, I ______ demand an apology.

25. It ________ all day and the road was slippery.

26. This time tomorrow we ______ to London.

27. Apples have become England's _____ popular fruit.

28. Just _______ students were good, but none of them were excellent.

29. She doesn't look like _____ her father or her mother.

30. Tell the students ________ about the exam.

31. I _____________ go to the beach but I like it now

32. ________ it was raining they played football.

33. Jane went _____ speaking for hours.

34. I ________ really grateful if you could answer my question.

35. The letter should __________ delivered yesterday.

36. _______ all his efforts, he still hasn't managed to pass the exam.

37. She speaks neither German _____ French.

38. Which is correct?

39. Which is correct?

40. A student says: "I have already done the homework". Which is correct?

41. IWB stands for ______.

42. A child who "plays truant" is a child who

43. The ________ of a particular situation are the things you should and should not do in that situation.

44. In the sentence: "Everyone recognized her down-to-earth approach to life", "down-to-earth" means ______.

45. You can say "at first glance" when

46. You say "in a nutshell"

47. You can say that someone will have "an easy ride"

48. "The company is "at the cutting edge" of aeronautics."

49. She started a course at college, but she _______ after two months.

50. Why are all the students in the garden? What's ________ ?